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October 2, 2015 League News -

October 2, 2015 League News
Written By the Bus Driver

As week 4 rolled around it became apparent that we were facing a goaltending issue with only Matt Mackay available as a regular goalie. The call went out for volunteers and PJ and Dan stepped up to play as wanker goalies. Big thank you to both PJ and Dan.

GAME 1 – Zacapas vs. 5 Stars

Matt Mackay was in net for the Zacapas, who came into the game riding a 3 game win streak, and PJ was wankin’ it in net for the 5 Stars. The runners situation was in favour of the 5 Stars 6 to 4.

The game was a close tight checking affair as Batstone found Jersey Dan to open the scoring for the 5 Stars. PJ’s unorthodox style was proving effective but GG found the short side on a scramble in front to make it 1-1.

Mackay was on his game at the other end as well but Jersey Dan found Batstone pinching in to send the 5 Stars ahead 2-1. With a late arrival, Mr. Vido joined the game for his season debut. GG picked off a clearing pass that looked like Vido was using a wet noodle instead of a hockey stick. That sent the game to half time at 2-2.

The Zacapas feeling refreshed after the half time break came out hard but the 5 Stars weathered the storm as PJ had found his rhythm in net and stopped GG on an breakaway! The 5 Stars kept running and rolling the lines and the Zacapas started to wilt.

Jersey Dan came up with a loose ball and put the 5 Stars ahead 3-2. The 5 Stars had their game plan working and looked to be in control of the game until Josh unloaded a bomb from the point that beat PJ cleanly with about 3 minutes to go, 3-3.

With under 2 minutes to play, the hero of the night for the 5 Stars, Jersey Dan came up with another unassisted marker to put the 5 Stars ahead 4-3. TIMEOUT ZACAPAS!

The 5 Stars braced for the storm that was coming…game on with under 2 to go. Zacapas control the ball down deep and they pull the goalie for the extra attacker. PJ stands tall and the ball is cleared. Simon comes up with the ball with just 1 defender to beat, POST! He shoots again, blocked, and again, blocked, and again, misses, and again…you get the idea. He didn’t score.

Zacapas get the ball back deep in the offensive end, scramble, shot, PJ does a pirouette, save, scramble, loose ball, swing and a miss, PERIOD!!!! 4-3 victory for the 5 Stars.

GAME 2 – Old Brigands vs. El Dorados

Matt Mackay stepped between the posts for the El Dorados to fill in for the absent BooBoo and Jersey Dan got a little net action in place of Moe.

The El Dorados have started the season 0-3 and find themselves alone in the BBHL basement while the Old Brigands have started 1-1-1.

The El Dorados biggest challenge to date has been attendance and they found themselves a little shorthanded again this week with only 3 runners. The Old Brigands started the game with 4 runners.

PJ, Stephane and Dr. Bruce controlled the play early for the El Dorados and PJ found Dr. Bruce to open the scoring 1-0. PJ who is more often the finisher found himself working as the setup man this week as Stephane opened a 2 goal lead for the El Dorados.

Still reeling from last week’s untimely penalty, Lipton would not be denied this week, as Captain Gallagher set him up for the big point shot that found the back of the net to narrow the lead to 2-1.

The first half would not end without controversy as guys who run in straight lines and run into each other tend to get a little huffy sometimes. Moving on….Half Time.

The second period scoring opened with PJ doing his best Adam Oates impression by setting up Stephane with his 3 assist of the evening to regain the 2 goal lead 3-1.

Not to be shown up, Captain Gallagher had his own old time hockey impersonation with a Bobby Orr-esque end to end rush (I actually think he started at the Pavilion) as he left the entire El Dorado team with panties and jockstraps around their ankles, 3-2.

Assist? I don’t need no stinking help. Stephane unassisted, 4-2.

With Captain Gallagher working hard to keep his team in the game he found Mr. Dyer, who had been bottled up most of the evening, to bring them back to 4-3.

With the smell of victory in the air, the El Dorados….called a timeout. Oaky doaky, let’s take a little breather.

With under 3 minutes to go, Stephane found Dr. Bruce to put the game out of reach at 5-3 and the El Dorados finally have a mark in the win column.

On to the PGA

Actually, before we get to the PGA, there is a small matter of putting all the gear back in the container.

I don’t care if you need to rush home to feed the cat. You can put the wood away at hockey before you put the wood away at home. Thank you.

At the PGA we talked bad about people who show up late and leave early.

Next Week

Set Up Time is 8:00 pm at Briar Hall – Please be there to set up and stay to help put gear away.

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