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September 18, 2015 League News -

September 18, 2015 League News
Written By Air Miles

Usually on a Friday morning I will sit down to my desk, review last night’s score sheets and conjure up a witty blurb.

On to the PGA

The PGA was well attended with plenty of good humored banter and jovial retorts!

I stayed well beyond my intended departure time, arriving home a little south of 2am. I made myself a little something to eat and being the good husband that I am, I set my alarm for 4:00 am and slept on the couch.

It was like I had just shut my eyes and the damn alarm went off! ...10 min snooze…10 min snooze…CRAP!

Brush my teeth, into the shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my teeth, final items in the suitcase, kiss the wife on the forehead (and try not to breathe on her!) “Love you, bye.”

Out the door at 5:15am for the 7:00 am flight. As I drove past Briar Hall I tried to see if there were still cars there, which wouldn’t have surprise me!

At the airport for 5:45am, check in and sitting in the departure lounge at 6:10am. Damn it! I could have hit snooze one more time!

Granola cereal was served promptly after take-off. Upon completion of breakfast, my eyes rolled back in my head and I was comatose. Thank God for Business Class!

When I awoke approximately 2 hours later, I checked the corner of my mouth and cheek for any signs of drool but everything was dry. I don’t doubt that there was some snoring but unless anyone has video evidence of said event, I’m going with the idea that I slept like a baby.

We arrived at MIA a few minutes ahead of schedule and I was looking forward to a beer in the lounge, to help make things right again in the world.

Captain: “Hi folks, this is your Captain speaking, we arrived a little early and we are just waiting for another plane to depart from out gate. It should just be a few minutes.”

A few minutes later…

Captain: “Hi folks, this is your Captain again. Apparently, that plane isn’t moving and we are waiting for a new gate assignment. Just sit tight and we should be at a new gate in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later…all of the power shuts down on the plane.

Captain: “Hi folks, this is your Captain again. Well, that was our APU that just shut down, which is our secondary power for when we are on the ground. I cannot get it started again, so I have requested a tow to the gate. Please pull your window shades down to try and keep the plan as cool as possible. Except for the asshole talking on his phone in 3A and ignoring everything I am saying. You are fine, do whatever you want.”

3A finishes his conversation a few minutes later and asks Mr. Bjerkhamn, who is sitting beside him, what is going on? Bjorn explains and asks him to lower his shade.

I can only assume that 3A didn’t understand Viking Bajan, so he asked the flight attendant what was happening? She explains and politely asks him to pull his window shade down.

3A: “I’d prefer to keep it open.”

Flight Attendant: “The Captain asked everyone to pull their shades down to keep the plane cool. This is the second time I am asking you, Sir.”

A chorus of Angry Business Men in Business Class: “Pull your damn shade down!”

3A sheepishly pulls his shade down and stares at his phone. Bjorn giggles.

30 minutes later….

Captain: “Hi folks this is your Captain. I am sorry for the delay but we are waiting on a tug to pull us in. I know it is getting warm back there. I have told the tower that we will sit here as long as we can but if it gets much warmer in here, I’m going to open the doors and deploy the slides and they will have to send buses to come pick us up. I don’t really want to do that though.”

Oh, the big yellow slide! I always wanted to go down the big yellow slide! The cozy warm cabin wasn’t helping my hangover and the big yellow slide sure sounded like a good idea.

10 minutes later, as I felt like I was on the brink of starting to sweat…

Captain: “Hi folks, the tug is here and we should be underway in a few minutes. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.”

Through customs, through immigration, straight to the lounge, and order a cold beer. Sweet Mother Mary! The first one went down like water, the second made the world seem right again and the third made me bullet proof!

On to the second flight, another 2 hour nap, a couple of vodkas and my parents picked me up at the airport. Stopped at Swiss Chalet for dinner and life was good.

Game 1 – Zacapas vs Old Brigands

Zacapas 7 – Old Brigrands 0

5 point night for GG. Moe faced 301 shots playing net for the Old Brigands and Mackay faced 3 shots in the shutout effort!

Game 2 – El Dorados vs 5 Stars

El Dorados 2 – 5 Stars 5

Booboo took the loss and Mackay filled in for the 5 Stars to win his second game of the night.

Next Week

Set Up Time is 8:00 pm at Briar Hall – Please be there to set up and stay to help put gear away.

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