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Membership  »  How to Join

In order to become a member of the Barbados Ball Hockey League you must be 16 years of age or older and you will need to complete the following documentation:

Membership Application & Waiver

Membership benefits include:

The annual membership fee is $250 BBD (subject to change annually) and is payable at the beginning of each calendar year. We are also offering a discount of $50 BBD for every additional new member you sign up. An installment plan is available as well. Please contact the league for more details.

Casual participation is encouraged for visitors to the island. A weekly fee of $10.00 BBD is charged.

Where we play

The Barbados Ball Hockey League currently runs the league at the Sir Garfield Sobers' gymnasium each Thursday at 8:30 pm. As this is the Barbados National Gymnasium, on certain occasions the BBHL will be restricted from playing. These dates are typically known in advance and alternate arrangements are made and communicated through the BBHL's email distribution network.

What do you need?

The league provides the casual player with a stick however should you join the league you'll be required to purchase your own shaft. The only other requirement is a good pair of running shoes and plenty of water. The league also recommends that you bring a yellow and a blue t-shirt, wear gloves, shin guards as well as a protective cup, however these items are not mandatory at this time.

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