Barbados Ball Hockey League


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The Rules

The object of ball hockey is pretty simple while strategy is not. The main focus is to direct a ball with a hockey stick into the opposition's hockey net which is generally 6 feet wide by 4 feet high. Typically, a low-bounce type of ball is used. For added safety, hockey gloves and shin pads are recommended.

Depending on the number of players, a game usually consists of six players, including the goalie, competing against the opposing team's six players. Extra players are usually kept on the sidelines, outside the playing surface, and interchanged with the six on the floor either during or at a stoppage of play.

The BBHL has a flexible format that allows for both five on five or four on four play. Before a game or series is started the format is decided upon that best suits the number of players available.

The following are additional rules:

Games may vary in length, for example three 30 minute periods of running time, but are generally played with three periods of equal time. Generally running time periods may be used but the clock may be stopped in certain circumstances such as injury or other long stoppages of play.

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