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Organizational Background

In 2005, the concept of organizing the Barbados Hockey League into a non-profit organization was conceived and put in place by a group of seven long time members.

Initially, an Executive Committee was established with roles and responsibilities drafted and inserted into a league constitution. Within this body of work, the role of the Executive Committee was laid out with the applicable terms and methods of (re) election. Several meeting were convened and an agenda was developed and executed to bring official status to the league.

In 2006, the Barbados Ball Hockey League (BBHL) was formed and subsequently registered as a non-profit organization in Barbados. It is officially recognized as the governing body of the sport in Barbados by the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation. The BBHL provides the following administrative services:

1.    Organize the Barbados National Team to compete in International tournaments
2.    Promote the sport of ball hockey across Barbados
3.    Publish Newsletters
4.    Set bylaws and regulations for membership
5.    Obtain League and National Team sponsorship
6.    Provide buying programs for equipment and uniforms

The objective of the league was simply to promote the game of Ball Hockey within Barbados and to provide anyone willing to participate with the equipment and venue to do so. Through reorganization, marketing and our growth strategy the number of participants is expected to double from 30 members within the next three years as awareness builds within the community.

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2019 Executive Committee
President Craig Batstone
Secretary Trevor Nagai
Treasurer Paul Buchanan
Director Maurice Fortier